Ceramic Blade UB2 Ultra-Sharp 18mm 60 degree Snap-Off

Ceramic Blade UB2 Ultra-Sharp 18mm 60 degree Snap-Off

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Series: Ultra-sharp
Blade: 20 degrees Edged
Model: UB2-18-60 (snap-off)
Material: Zirconia Ceramic
Size: 18*107*0.6mm
(fit common utility knives that take 18mm steel's utility blade)

# Made from NexLand Ceramic Seiko Center.
# The Ultra-Sharp series are very fragile and prone to chipping.
# Do not break or fold this ceramic blade.
# It is not called safe blade, finger friendly... ; (Under standardized use, the sharper the knife, the safer it is)


# Insulation electrical works
Stretched wrap / film (They are soft and tough)
Duct tape: (There are also rich grid lines in this sticky rubber)
Polymer fiber material Kevlar rope, paracord rope, braid fishing line, etc.
# Other such as: In packaging, industrial foam and carton cutting Neoprene cutting ...

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