There are many very low-cost carabiner, quickdraws’ suppliers on the market. Directly selling their "products" can bring us huge profits.
But when I discovered that these low-priced products were obtained through bad competition, such as polluting the environment, falsifying materials, bullying workers, and so on.
We decided to rebuild this "Seiko Series" quickdraw-very outdoor. for this project we works as follows:

#1Model design
#2Handcraft sample making
#3Test (tensile test, neutral salt spray test, coating abrasion test)
#4 Model Making-Cold Forging-Polishing-Cleaning-Anodized Coloring-Rigorous Assembly-ECO Packaging
(Quality inspection procedures are set up for each process)

Our production cost is about 6-8 times that of others. Even if there is no profit, we will insist on "qualified & environmentally friendly" products.
It is not only for the inheritance and expression of correct industrial technology, 
but we are improving the production environment, reducing industrial waste, purifying sewage discharge...

Yes, we made a seiko outdoor keybiner. Try have one and hooks on your backpack and keys, Enjoy them.
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