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Ceramic Striker ST1 Mini Size EDC Kit 2pack

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  • For lifetime used made from Zirconia ceramic, never rust not easy dull.
  • High hardness flat edge throws more sparks than steels and tungsten.
  • Temperature resistant material can continuous scrape out spark.
  • Does not absorb heat during collision, provide a higher temperature sparks.
  • Lightweight EDC ferro rod scraper, (1.5g / 23*13*1mm) , 4mm hole allows to run through the paracord, wrist lanyard, or keychain.

Material: Zirconia Ceramic ( Second to diamond ).

Weight / Size : 1.5g / 23*15*1mm.

Hole size: 4mm ( Can through normal paracode ).


It maybe tiny but work more efficient than steel.

Made from super hard Zirconia ceramic will never rust or dull.

The temperature resistance and poor thermal conductivity, continue throw higher temperature sparks.

Lightweight EDC kit, 1.5g / 23*15*1mm, 4 mm hole allows to pass through the paracord and keychain.



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